SDI offers a complete range of practical support services tailored to your unique service desk improvement needs. Our consultants knowledge of industry best practice along with their experience has allowed them to add value and see tangible results in many operations, providing them with advice and guidance on their journey to continual service improvement.



A ‘new’ service desk might be the result of two existing operations merging together
for the first time, a recent overhaul, or simply a brand new ‘greenfield site.’ Whichever
category you fall into, we can help you identify the strategic purpose of your service
desk and help make sure you don’t miss out any key components when setting up
your operations.


Choosing, buying and implementing a new IT service tool can be a very complex
business; with so many tools available selecting the right one for your business
needs and service requirements can be an extremely time-consuming and even
overwhelming experience. If you’re looking for advice and guidance for your tool
selection project, we can help.


It’s not always easy to tell how ‘healthy’ your service desk is without the help of an
experienced service desk specialist. The SDI Health Check is designed to help you
ensure your service desk is performing at its optimal health, and will diagnose any
areas for improvement. The Health Check is carried out on-site by one of our
industry expert consultants.


Sometimes you just don’t have the time to analyse and improve on all areas of your
service desk, but you might have a specific issue you know needs some attention.
We can help you focus on what is practical and achievable in a short space of time to
impact the success of your service desk. You just have to choose a focus area and we can
help you start to make service improvements in no time.



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