Service Desk Benchmark Report 2015

Posted on Thursday 1 June 2017.

Benchmark Your Service Desk

Discover how your service desk compares to industry averages and statistics revealed in the seventh Service Desk Benchmarking report.

This service desk report covers a wide range of benchmarks from technology and metrics through to training and salaries. It also examines best practice adoption and provides indicators for the increasing business alignment of the service desk.

Download the report to discover:

  • Which metric has overtaken customer satisfaction as the main indicator for success​
  • The most popular ways service desks are incentivising their staff
  • ​The level of increase in use of self-service
  • What’s happening with service desk salaries

The trends in this report are based on questions which SDI  first asked service desks in 2001 and continued to ask regularly through to 2015 so that key trends and developments can be examined. However, some of the questions have been updated along the way to reflect the changing nature of the service desk industry and to provide an insight into emerging issues and trends. The service desk benchmarking survey will carried out again Autumn 2017 and the report will be released soon after.

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